The III International
Event Industry Forum

The Third International Industry Event Forum will be held in the period 20-22.02.2020 in Lviv.

For the third time, the event will bring together leading experts from around the world and find out the topical issues facing the global event market today.

The Industry Industries Forum 2020 is an event manifesto that the industry is moving at a rapid pace into the future, knows where and with whom, understands what kind of relationships and what kind of change every modern representative is looking for.

The human values ​​for quality should be alert to the development of the event market, participants who strive for healthy competition through creativity and high service.

Topical Issues

Today our industry is on the verge of a quantum leap. By changing our values ​​and playing by the rules of the modern civilized market, each of us will make an invaluable contribution to the formation of powerful development of the event industry. We will hear from each inventory how it sees the next step that will undoubtedly lead to X-10 development: as a service, streamlining operating processes, greening relationships between market players, transparency in tenders and orders; payments and taxes, changes to specific laws and regulations, and state aid to our industry. And most importantly, in identifying the event as an indispensable product for the individual and the business.

In addition, priority will be given to clients - customers of event services. Event market operators must understand the needs of the consumer, listen to all the comments and pains associated with receiving a service in our market, and always apply changes and improvements to their work for the customer.


By changing ourselves, we are building an industry of the future!

Change and create the industry!