Description of the halls

Main Hall

The main hall for speeches of the main guests and coverage of issues and topics vital for the industry. Media center, capacity - 1100 participants

Mice and Venues

Hall of business events dedicated to the organization of conferences, seminars, forums, incentives, as well as the work of venues and market interaction with them.Capacity - 250 participants.


The program for beginners. In the format of a two-day intensive, participants who take their first steps in the industry or want to get acquainted with the main features of the event management will be able to take a course in the basics of the specialty. Capacity - 100 people

Show and Public

A hall where issues of organizing public events, open-air events, large-scale shows, working with stars, festivals of various formats and scales will be discussed.
Capacity - 350 participants.



Private & Wedding

Hall dedicated to private holidays and celebrations, as well as wedding themes. Expanding the niche of branch. Capacity - 150 participants.

Corporate and Business

Hall dedicated to the discussion of client events, corporate events, business presentations, grand openings, launches, and other B2B events.  New conference hall, capacity - 250 participants.

Training room

The Forum participants will receive training and intensive classes that are not directly related to the specialty but are essential for the development of personal qualities and abilities of a specialist: psychological work, memory pumping, the art of negotiating, communication, style, yoga, etc. Thoughtful topics. Start - lunch on the first day. Capacity - up to 80 people.

Event Expo

Is Your company planning to present its products/services at our Forum? Become a member of the exhibition area! Here You can personally get the maximum number of business contacts in just 2 days. Participation in the exhibition will help You to present new products and get feedback from customers. Do not miss the opportunity to gain access to Your target audience. For more information call +38 (068) 134 59 39